Why Do I Always Spend Over 100 At Target

Target has always been one of my favorite stores. With their insane deals and great products, I end up leaving the store with everything and more than what was on my shopping list.

I love Target so much that every time I go there it’s impossible to leave without spending at least $100. At the end of my shopping spree, I always find myself rummaging through my basket, figuring out what I need to put back and what I “can’t live without.” Believe me, it’s a challenge but at the same time I feel fortunate to have such a great store that offers everything at an affordable cost.

Plus, did I mention that there is a Target within walking distance from my apartment? Big trouble with a capital T and I mean this literally since we’re talking about “Target”.

But enough about my love for Target and my lame joke. Let me show you what I love about Target and in fact…why don’t you go shopping with me!

There are a few fashion and beauty items in particular that I’ve been using and loving as of late and I want to show them to you. The first is this Audrey Hepburn tee. I didn’t buy this Audrey tee (via my Instagram by the way), but I bought a Marilyn Monroe top just like this one. It’s adorable isn’t it? Unfortunately I think they are out of these tops online, but they do have many other pop-culture tops online! If you’re into pop culture and want to show off your love for a favorite icon star, Target has a lot of great pop culture tops on their site and Audrey is just one of them. This James Dean tee is another one of my favorites.

Another item I love from Target? Come with me and pick up towelettes! I recently started using the Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelette (which are natural and cruelty-free), and I am obsessed. I love the way the towelettes feel on my face, and even better, I love how they gently take the makeup off of my face so well. The towelettes are made of aloe vera, which is used to cleanse, remove makeup, and nourish your skin. This is a great new line that you should definitely check out.

Plus, since you’re shopping with me I must also point out that the Yes to Cucumbers beauty line also has many other products that I’m dying to try. Both of us need to check out the Cooling Body Butter, Color Care Shampoo, and the Soothing Eye Gel next time we go shopping together. Everything looks amazing!

Target has many other items I’m crazy about, but in particular I’m loving their fitness apparel lately. They always seem to be on sale, and the tees are also very comfy. I don’t like athletic tops that are that tight simply because they ride up while I’m trying to work out, but with Champion tees, working out is a lot easier. They’re also designed with anti-moisture material that dries quickly and works at keeping you cool! Plus I love that I don’t have to pull down my tee every few minutes, which is the most annoying thing!

So what’s an item or two that I want but wasn’t able to get during my latest Target shopping spree? Well, there’s plenty for sure, but one item that got my attention was the Adult Mad Libs. They had the cards at Target, but I don’t think they’re available on the site. However, you can head over to Target to get your friend a card or just try out the word game book, which I think looks just as fun (there’s just more games in a book as opposed to a card). To see what I mean check out the Retail Therapy Mad Libs below!


Alicia Phelps is content contributor who loves to share stories and ideas about anything under the sun. She is one of the founders of Everyday Funny Funny . When not working, she likes to travel and play football.